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1. ShipFast: Ship startups in days, not weeks

  • The NextJS boilerplate with all you need to build your SaaS, AI tool, or any other web app.
  • Lifetime updates
  • Discord community
  • Loved by 800+ makers

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2. IndiePage: Showcase your startups, get more customers

  • Show your unique entrepreneurial story
  • Analytics to build what your audience loves
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3. ByeDispute: Don't let a dispute get you banned from Stripe

  • 10,000 protected transactions
  • Up to 80% less disputes
  • 1-minute no-code setup
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2512 makers built AI tools, SaaS, and more

They made their first $ online, and some even quit their 9-5!

  • Jack F.

    "I shipped in 6 days as a noob coder... This is awesome"
  • Really easy to use. The tutorials are really useful and explains how everything works. Hope to ship my next project really fast!
    Sergiu Chiriac's testimonial for ShipFast
    Sergiu Chiriac
  • Álex Martinez

    "Everything you need to ship your SaaS ASAP"
  • Yo Marc, I got the boilerplate, it's fantastic man you just save me 10 hours on each project
    Yazdun's testimonial for ShipFast
  • Even though it's Christmas, I'm shipping anyway! shipfa.st was my best purchase in 2023! πŸš€
    Silvestro's testimonial for ShipFast
  • I launched a week and a half ago and I'm at $450 MRR which is a new, awesome experience for me. I'd still be pre-launch if it wasn't for you and ShipFast!
    Christian Hatch's testimonial for ShipFast
    Christian Hatch
  • Mateusz Siatrak

    "Yesterday I've made a first sale !! πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸΎ"
  • Juanjo's testimonial for ShipFast

    I made more in 6 days than the minimum wage here in Spain. I wanna cry πŸ₯² It would have taken me months to do the website without the boilerplate.

    Juanjo ValiΓ±o's testimonial for ShipFast
    Juanjo ValiΓ±o
  • I transitioned from using no-code tools to launching a fully-coded saas β€” Explorify β€” in two weeks, all while having a full-time job
    Gabriel's testimonial for ShipFast
  • Stripe chart

    Getting shipfa.st from @marc_louvion is one of the best decision I've made since I started indie hacking.

    It helped me actually getting started instead of procrastinating and it made me release snowball.club so much faster than if I tried without it.

    Oh and the included access to the community of builders is so underrated πŸ”₯

    PL Bombard's testimonial for ShipFast
    PL Bombard
  • That was the best decision I could've ever made, delivered the product within days and made 8x the boilerplate cost πŸ€‘
    Deepak's testimonial for ShipFast
  • Larry

    "I've already made back the money I spent'"
  • I managed to exit & sell for 5 figures in a few weeks. Best investment I've made in so long.
    Jaya B.'s testimonial for ShipFast
    Jaya B.
  • Jack's $800 MRR

    No ShipFast (left) VS. ShipFast (right)

    I wouldn't have done it without the boilerplate. Thanks Marc β™₯οΈπŸ«‚

    Jack Friks's testimonial for ShipFast
    Jack Friks
  • It's an amazing minimalist, lightweight boilerplate with well-organized code. It has almost all the core features you would want in a SaaS boilerplate. As a new team last year it actually took us months to build a similar set of features at a stable level.
    Zawwad Ul Sami's testimonial for ShipFast
    Zawwad Ul Sami
  • Setting up everything from the ground up is a really hard, and time consuming process. What you pay for will save you a lot of time.
    Naveen's testimonial for ShipFast
  • Shivam's testimonial for ShipFast

    Today’s a good day! Made my first internet dollar. First subscription for https://www.vairflow.ai/insights-ai

    Thanks for the motivation shipfast community. And thanks @marclou πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    Shivam Srivastava
  • 0 => 1 First paying customer. Thanks @marclou for the great product.
  • Matt's testimonial for ShipFast

    I launched with ShipFast boilerplate and have earned 1k in a weekend. Thanks @marclou

    Matt Merrick's testimonial for ShipFast
    Matt Merrick
  • Easily saves 15+ hrs for me setting up trivial stuff. Now, I can focus on shipping features rather than hours of setting up the same technologies from scratch. Feels like a super power! :D
    Wahab Shaikh's testimonial for ShipFast
    Wahab Shaikh
  • Tam Finlay

    "Just got my first customer, I've 4x my investment."
  • Vladislav's testimonial for ShipFast

    Hey Marc! I wanted to say how grateful I am for ShipFast. It was INCREDIBLY helpful. Just hit 3k in Revenue today! 🀩

    Vladislav Smolyanoy's testimonial for ShipFast
    Vladislav Smolyanoy
  • Just purchased and cloned and *holy shit!* I realllyyy like what I'm seeing here!
  • I was able to launch my project in just one day! I made 170$ already.
    Mateus De Nardo's testimonial for ShipFast
    Mateus De Nardo
  • Finally a good boilerplate for Nextjs, now I dont have to cry about it comparing with laravel ecosystem.
    Krishna Kant's testimonial for ShipFast
    Krishna Kant

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