• Open the <TagSEO /> component and add your default values (title, description, etc..)
  • Add the <TagSEO /> component to each new pages your create and populate with the right values (title, description, canonicalSlug—at least)
  • When relevant, add the <TagSchema /> component to your pages/components. It helps Google understand better your website and can get you a rich snippet. Open the component for more documentation.
  • Add your root URL to siteUrl (i.e. https://yourdomain.com) in the next-sitemap.config.js file, in the root folder. It will generate a sitemap.xml & robots.txt file for all your pages.
Claim your domain ownership on Google Search Console to help indexing


The _document.js file has the most basic SEO tags (applied to all pages)

When you create a new page, add the component <TagSEO /> to get all your SEO metatags in place and rank on Google.


1return (
2  <>
3    <TagSEO 
4      title="Short React Tutorial for Beginners | ReactTutorial"
5      canonicalSlug="/tutorial"
6    />
7    <main>
8      <h1>Tutorial</h1>
9    </main>
10  </>